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5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Digital Marketing Dollars

digital marketingWe’re well into the second quarter of 2016, and you probably have a good idea what has and hasn’t worked so far this year when it comes to your digital marketing dollars. If you aren’t getting quite the results you expected, or you want to hit even higher goals that you projected for the year, the following ideas may help you make the most from your digital marketing budget.

  1. Strengthen Your Website
    Some marketing professionals make the common mistake of launching aggressive digital marketing campaigns without first ensuring that their website is functional and robust. Your website should have an XML sitemap, correct page titles, simple-to-use navigation, a strong call to action, quality search engine optimization (SEO), conversion tracking through Google Analytics and mobile responsiveness. Without taking care of these necessities first, dollars spent on other digital marketing efforts will not be as effective as they could be.
  2. Don’t Focus Solely on Customer Acquisition
    Another common mistake is putting all of your marketing dollars into acquiring new customers. Nurturing relationships with existing customers can sometimes be more financially beneficial. The key is to evaluate the potential of both potential and current customers to determine which one can generate greater profit. This is where you should put the largest percentage of your marketing budget.
  3. Identify the Best Social Media Channels
    An industrial manufacturer is unlikely to generate interest on Pinterest. Likewise, a non-profit won’t attract much interest on an industrial blog or forum. Carefully consider where your potential and current customers are consuming content. These are the channels that you should be focusing your efforts. The latest and greatest social media channel may or may not be right for what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach.
  4. Extend Your Budget with Remarketing Efforts
    Remarketing is a strategy that involves continuing to market to website visitors once they’ve left your website. With this strategy, a visitor will continue to gain exposure to your branding and advertising on third-party websites for up to 90 days. This is not only cost-effective, it offers a higher conversion rate than many other forms of online advertising. Remarketing can happen on Google, as well as Facebook and YouTube.
  5. Stay Current
    Digital marketing continues to grow and change in a multitude of ways. With a single Google update or the launch of a new social media channel, you may have a new opportunity to reach potential customers. Also stay up-to-date on your KPIs. From organic keyword ranking and social media stats to cost per conversion and competitive insights, you need to always be up to speed on your efforts and those of your competitors.

Continuously sustaining successful digital marketing campaigns isn’t easy. It requires both expertise and daily effort. Do you need help maximizing your marketing dollars? Contact the team at Connected Culture today.

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