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5 Things To Use Your Blog For Besides Blogging

Blogging Best Practices

Your blog is one of your most powerful marketing assets- but are you using it effectively? While your blog may be your organization’s voice, it serves a purpose much larger than just another content marketing channel. In fact, your blog could be used for so much more than blogging, becoming things like:

A News Portal

Make yourself become a voice of authority by having a news feed based on subjects relevant to your industry on the blog. Potential customers may come to your site instead of news outlets if they trust that you have the scoop on what’s happening. You can choose to feed in relevant content or related articles through various reading features, or you can choose to report on industry topics on your own – either way, your brand becomes seen as a thought leader.

An Effective Sales Tool

Use the content to show potential customers how to use the service or product to solve a problem – this area for content distribution is completely unique and if you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re missing out. Post videos that show how something can be used, or give data in the form of case studies or infographics – the possibilities really are

endless. In addition to demonstrating your value, you can use your posts as a sales tool. On the training side, your blog can also be used in this way to teach your sales team how to develop or communicate solutions to customers’ problems.

A Hub for Feedback

Your blog gives you access to important information that you can use to your benefit through marketing and sales. You can use the blog to determine which topics are more popular among your audience, not to mention, your audience demographics and engagement levels in relation to certain subjects, products, or services. Look at your blog analytics. Add key stats to a spreadsheet and sort them by topic, engagement level, etc. and determine what trends

exist – the messaging that performs well in this channel may also apply to others. Analyze the post views and comments to determine which topics resonated the most with the audience. Consider this information going forward so that your future content reflects the interests of your audience.

Tip: Want additional insight that can help your SEM efforts? Pay attention to the language used in comments by customers when talking about a particular topic. Use this feedback to explore different keyword variations.

An Email Subscriber Recruiter

Growing your email list can be key to ongoing success. You want to be in your customer’s minds – and inboxes – with content that engages and produces ROI. Growing your list through having a newsletter signup and call to action on the blog can be another way to grow your audience. Plus, you can also drive traffic back to the blog by including excerpts in your email newsletter. Sweeten the deal by giving value adds, like exclusive blog posts (only viewable by email subscribers) or other incentives. Once you’ve built up that list, you can continue to market to that base.

A Thought Leadership Platform

Your content matters, so invest in its creation so that you’re seen as a leader in your industry – i.e. make sure people know that you know what you’re talking about.

Go for quality and consistency with your blog by creating posts that use multimedia or other elements that set them apart from other posts from your competitors. Try to position your content uniquely and cover topics no one else covers – or topics every does cover, but in a completely different way.

Here’s a quick tip: use analytics to determine what posts can drive you to that image of authority. Look for posts that

What roles does your blog play now? What ones do you want to see it play? Once you have determined the popular posts that have drawn viewers in the past, you can add to these posts to continue to increase traffic. You can accomplish this goal by publishing a new post and also redirecting the previous link with the new content. Update on a past topic. Expand with new information. Revamp and revisit if something has completely changed. Then, once it’s done, share again through social media and other marketing channels. This shows that you value your content and want to offer value to your readers.

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  1. jerry,

    great ideas. thanks for sharing.

    i abandoned my company blog sometime ago because of lack of time.
    perhaps i need to revisit my dedicatiom. it is an excellent way to
    extend ones brand and foster conversation and data gathering…two things
    i enjoy most about marketing.

    🙂 laney

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