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Build Your Online Fingerprint: How to Create a Unique Social Media Presence

SEO-FingerprintIf you’re just getting started in the world of online marketing, you’ll likely hear the word “unique” repeated over and over again. Everyone wants unique content, a unique audience, a unique online presence. But what does that really mean, and how do you go about achieving it? Fortunately, building your unique online fingerprint is simple once you’ve figured out a few key things about your business.

Consistency Is Key

Too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that being unique means having a “crazy” string of images and content with no consistency. Nothing could be further from the truth! You want to figure out a simple, clear, elegant style and stick with that for as long as you can. Define a color palette that you want associated with your content, and highlight it in your logo, your promotional material, and your online content.

You want your audience to see your colors and immediately think of your business. Likewise, come up with a short, powerful mission statement or message and repeat it in your promotional material until it’s become part of your audience’s psyche. A single striking message is much more powerful than a hundred bland ones.

Know Your Niche

In the past, companies tried to market to everyone by creating big box superstores that sold everything. These days, with the online market so diverse and fragmented, it’s much more effective to dig out your niche and cater to that.

Figure out who your particular audience is, what their tastes are, what kind of media they consume, and build your online identity and content around that. Understand that your product is more than just a set of features and solutions. It’s an expression of identity, and the more deeply your audience can connect with that identity, the more loyal they’ll become to your business.

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