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Google+: The Impact on Organic Search ( SEO )

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Social Search and SEO

One of the most important things to consider is that Google+ is designed to be integrated into search, where social signals will have a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) and overall rank for brands.  Whether you’re posting about your own brand or your customers are talking about you and sharing a variety of media types, the real-time cloud based communication can impact your visibility in two ways:

Better Rank Among Networks

The content and rankings associated with a brand will appear more relevant to those followers who search for related terms in Google.  While this only occurs when someone is actively logged into Google, it still offers businesses an opportunity to get a great deal of content – particularly news and recently updated material – right in front of the eyes of a target audience (and ahead of the competition).

Real Time Data

For a period of time, Google fed off of Twitter to get real time data and updates on trending topics as it fed those microblog posts into search results.  When Twitter pulled their data feed, Google had little to fear; they can now actively use Google+ to feed real time data from personal networks and more into the results.  This reinforces the known fact that regardless of the platform, social proof and the authority of the individual still have a major impact on brand visibility.

Fleshing out Google’s Business Suite

Google already makes it easy for a business to run online with their suite of software and apps including Gmail, calendar, docs, cloud connect, groups, video and the app marketplace.  With the addition of Google plus these tools will allow for a seamless integrated solution perfect for just about any size business.  Essentially, by adding a social network into the mix, a business owner will have one central place to manage business, promote their products, communicate with customers and ultimately foster growth and engagement without spreading resources across multiple networks.

With Google+ in its infancy, it’s too new to clearly state what kind of results or ROI a business would get from utilizing the new tool.  However, it’s obvious by the growing user base that Google+ is not just another failed social experiment.  It’s on its way to becoming the next powerhouse in social networking and business owners would be wise to start thinking about how their own business could benefit from using Google+, and what the impact will be on SEO.


What has been your experience with Google+ and has it affected your SEO rankings?


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