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How Do I Look Like A Digital Guru To My Boss Part 2 – The Best Tools to Demonstrate Social Media ROI

Connected CultureWe’ve discussed how important it is to show the impact of social media work on a particular brand. But what is the best way to collect this data?

Any analytics and tracking data is always a key element of a successful social media campaign, as it shows customers all the work you’ve been performing on social media—traditionally a tricky place to demonstrate ROI. But with a few additions to your toolbox, the process of collecting meaningful data becomes much easier.

  • Measure awareness – Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics allow you to track the success rate of your posts, advertisements, and interactions. These are the perfect places to start charting the effectiveness of your social media efforts.
  • Show engagement – Measure trends, topics, hashtags and more with Brandwatch, GroSocial, and Keyhole. This allows you to see how your efforts are affecting your brand’s visibility off of your specific profile.
  • Chart influence – You can use tools like HootSuite and SocialFlow to track sentiment toward your brand across the internet. This allows you to see if your social media efforts are painting your organization in a positive or negative light.
  • Demonstrate conversion – Using the advertising metrics made available by Twitter and Facebook, you can track the click through rate on your ads. It’s also useful to measure direct conversions to an e-commerce store—this shows just how much income is coming from social media.

Showing ROI can be a timely process, but these tools help to expedite the process. By showing how effective social media can be to any brand, you’ll continue to demonstrate that you are a digital guru.

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