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How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Save You from Job Burnout

Find out if it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency to achieve your organization’s marketing goals and drive your digital marketing success in 2017If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember how marketing departments operated prior to the digital age. Sure, there were deadlines and goals to meet, but projects typically ran at a manageable pace. In stark contrast, marketing professionals today are dealing with fast-moving business elements that range from content development and branding to public relations, SEO and a growing list of digital channels. Skill sets must now also include knowledge of mobile technology, real-time data analysis and even programming. Both the number of projects and job requirements to complete them have expanded dramatically, and this evolution has been rapid.

The result is overworked and understaffed marketing departments. In a study of more than 500 marketing professionals, from Workfront, a supplier of project management software, 72 percent reported tension in the office due to an increased workload, and 1 out of 4 say they’re either “overly stressed” or “stressed to the max.” With marketing playing a more vital role in the success of a business than ever before, the increasing stress and pressure placed on marketers is a cause for concern that every organization should take seriously.

What Can Be Done?
Are you a marketing director who is struggling to keep up with an overwhelming list of projects and daily tasks? It may be tempting to forego digital marketing altogether. However, today’s customers are online, and staying competitive means, like it or not, embracing digital marketing.

What about new time-saving technology? While solutions that automate processes, such as CRM and project management software can be beneficial, they don’t make up for the dramatic increase in workload due to the expansion of digital marketing.

Some organizations try to fill the lack of staff by hiring temporary workers or interns. This is a quick fix but certainly not a solution. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be lucky enough to find someone who is qualified to independently manage complex projects that require industry and company knowledge, as well as technical skill and expertise.

It’s Time to Call in the Experts
Continuing to struggle with an overload of work is a setup for failure. If you’re burning the candle at both ends and consistently finding that not everything can get done successfully, it’s time to ask for help. And, the best source for help is a digital agency that can partner with you to support your goals and drive your success. With a skilled agency on your side, you don’t just get another pair of hands to help, you get a dedicated team with broad expertise and deep experience to tackle the projects you need tackled and to even provide ideas and guidance on how to achieve even greater levels of success.

Let us help you shine in 2017 by being your digital marketing agency. Contact the experts at Connected Culture today.

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Tailoring Your Digital Marketing Plan to Your Organization

digital-marketing-plan-mindmapOne size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to digital marketing plans.  What works for one organization can be totally wrong for another. The best plans are those that are strategically developed with certain considerations in mind. The type of organization you have is perhaps the most obvious of these considerations. However, the size of your organization, the amount of available resources, and the types of customers are all equally important for determining how to best create a successful digital marketing plan that can be sustained long-term.

Let’s delve a little bit into each of these variables:

Your Organization Type
A B2B organization selling a new technology requires a dramatically different strategy for reaching their customers online than a small brick and mortar retailer. Some of the top priorities for a small retailer might be to establish a Yelp listing, a Facebook page, and to appear in Google Places results. For a tech company, it might be better to focus on establishing an industry-related blog or building up a healthy network on LinkedIn. The best digital marketing plans are created with a clear focus on the type of organization they support.

Your Customers
The goal of any digital marketing plan is to attract potential customers and keep them engaged after they buy. Considerable thought should go into where they congregate online and what information will resonate with them. This information will drive everything from the social media channels you use to the keywords chosen to help them find your organization in an online search.

Your Resources
Building a successful presence online requires consistent effort. If you’re lucky enough to have a fantastic in-house person or team to get your digital marketing efforts rolling, you’re one step ahead of most organizations. Though for the vast majority, investment is required to tackle both the development and the implementation of a plan.

It’s simply not realistic to think that you’re going to launch a full-scale Facebook ad campaign and hire the top PR firm if money is tight. One necessity in developing a digital marketing plan is taking an honest look at the resources you currently have and what amount you have available for online marketing. Like with every other aspect of business, budgeting is critical!

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