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Three Email Marketing Metrics That You Should be Tracking (But Probably Aren’t!)

There’s no 1denying that for e-commerce businesses and organizations, email marketing is a great way to further interact with your clients. Through weekly or monthly subscriptions, you can convey to your customers ongoing deals, current promotions, the latest news, and more. If you’re utilizing an email subscription newsletter in your marketing strategy, chances are you’re tracking some conversions to ensure upmost success.

Subscription and unsubscription rates are a no-brainer.  Chances are you easily aware of just how many people are subscribing and unsubscribing. However, there’s more to maintaining your off-line presence than tracking these basics! As we embark further and further into 2015, consider making it a daily practice to track these process metrics:

Inactive Subscribers
Chances are, if you’ve got an email newsletter of sorts, you are aware of just how many people are subscribing. One vital component to understanding whether or not your newsletter content is effective? Check in on inactivity! Checking in on this often overlooked detail will allow you to assess how many subscribers are actually interacting with your newsletter. Knowing this allows you to re-strategize and retarget those subscribers that aren’t actively opening or clicking through to link.

Share Rates
It’s one thing to have readers open your email blasts, but it’s another thing to have them pass on your little golden nugget to others! Tracking share rate allows you to see how often subscribers are forwarding your email newsletter with friends or sharing them on social media. Knowing this also allows you to see where your target audience most prefers to share content. Are they more prone sharing news through email or through a quick Tweet?  This information can further allow you to target them in the most appropriate and effective way.

Spam Rates
You already know the importance of tracking unsubscribers, but how about those who are marking it as spam? If users can’t easily unsubscribe to your newsletters, or if the content doesn’t look professional, they may be sending your emails to their spam box, which can be a hit to your credibility and trustworthiness as a business.

Paying attention to these conversions will further allow you to assess the success of your subscription email blasts or newsletters. Furthermore, they will provide you with insight needed to make any changes to your current marketing or targeting strategies, ultimately boosting your credibility and trustworthiness as a business!

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