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Turn Likes Into Loyalists: How to Engage Your Social Media Audience

seo-2You’ve completed the online legwork to build up an impressive audience on social media. Good job! It is a great accomplishment and immensely beneficial to have thousands of people from all over the world ready (and hopefully willing) to listen to what you have to say. Now you must consider what to say to them. Building up Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers is only the beginning; now you have to engage them with quality content so they don’t end up ignoring your future posts. Here are some ideas for how to create engaging and effective social media content.

Pictures and Videos Should Grab Their Attention

Now that you’ve got an audience, you might feel compelled to share lengthy articles or product descriptions. If you have that impulse, here’s a tip: don’t! Focus instead on eye-grabbing pictures and short, interesting video clips.

You have to remember that on social media, you’re competing with thousands of people and pages all clamoring for clicks. You should be posting material that will grab a reader in the two seconds that your post is on their smartphone screen before they scroll down. Focus on funny or visually striking images that are easy to understand and digest, which will create a high share rate.

Contests Will Keep Them Engaged

Want to keep your audience coming back to your page? Create a regular contest or sweepstakes. By hosting a monthly or weekly contest, you’ll be incentivizing your audience to return to your page regularly. They’ll show up to see if they’ve won, and they’ll stay to browse your page (if your content is interesting and eye-catching enough).

Give Them a Peek Behind the Scenes

One of the biggest opportunities of social media is the fact that it gives an audience a chance to peek behind the curtain and see what content creators are like in their daily lives. It’s actually a disadvantage to project your company as a soulless machine these days; show them what you guys are like goofing around, and you’ll come off as more relatable.

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