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User Explorer Joins the Google Analytics Arsenal of Tools

Google Analytics User ExplorerFor marketing professionals, having a solid understanding of Google Analytics is incredibly important to gain insight into marketing performance. It’s the tools and features within Google Analytics that can determine if measurable results are being achieved. This is why it’s important to stay on top of introductions and new features like User Explorer which was recently released. This new set of reports lets users perform analysis of anonymized individual interactions within websites. User Explorer leverages existing anonymous Google Analytics data to provide incremental insights needed to improve and optimize websites.

Types of Insights
With User Explorer, a list of client IDs is collected from visitors’ devices and browsers, as well as their session count, average duration, bounce rate, revenue, transactions and goal conversion rate. The report also provides user activity history and time-stamps each site interaction. Some believe that this new feature will give digital marketing platforms like Marketo, Pardo and Eloqua a run for their money.

The new feature also enables examination into specific users within a segment to gain deeper insights into their behaviors. With this data, the site experience can be personalized based upon these behaviors, and users can be directed to relevant content that is targeted to them. Ultimately, this feature offers tremendous opportunities to identify key personas, upsell, remarket and personalize customer service.

Other Valuable Reports from Google Analytics
Of course, User Explorer is not the only source of reports. Google Analytics can also be used to create a wealth of custom and standard reports that can guide many digital marketing decisions. These include:

Traffic Acquisition Reports – This important report provides tremendous insight into the success of ad campaigns, websites and SEO strategy. This includes details on which external sites are driving site traffic.

Content Efficiency Report – When content is king, you need a report that tracks entrances, page views, bounces and goal completions. This data can help answer common content questions, such as:

  • What content (images, videos, infographics, etc.) performs the best with site visitors?
  • What content is most likely to convert site visitors into customers?
  • What content is being shared by users?

Keyword Analysis Report – This is another valuable report that offers data that can help guide digital marketing decisions. A Keyword Analysis Report offers details, including visitor metrics, conversion rates, goal completions and page load time for every keyword.

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