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Why Organic Search is Your Best Type of Traffic

Organic search traffic – it sounds almost as if it’s coming hgoogle-485611_640ome-grown, from a search engine farm outside of the city, doesn’t it? This image holds true, as organic search traffic is defined as being traffic coming to your website from no paid source other than typing a search query into a box. However many times, organic search traffic is overlooked because of its home-grown, natural approach to directing traffic to your website. Here are some reasons why organic search traffic is the best type of traffic to be directing to your website.

1). Home grown usually means the right people – Picture organic traffic as a job listing. You put out a listing for this incredible job with amazing pay and benefits in the newspaper. Some people may apply and have some of the qualifications to do the job, but the person who gets this amazing position is the right one. That’s how organic traffic works – people type in a search query and click on your listing in the search engine depending on a variety of factors. Generally, the people who click on that listing are the people who know what they’re looking for, so having them bring traffic to your website helps to keep them there longer and convert into a possible sale.

2). You’re the answer to someone’s question – We all know what happens when we get sick like we’ve never been sick before – we use a search engine to look up our symptoms. Granted, some people go to the actual doctor, but people are generally looking to find the answer whatever’s ailing them. This goes for organic search traffic as well. Search engines are designed to provide answers to questions, so having the answer to that user’s question or search query is going to give them some sort of conclusion to their issue. The people who are looking for your answer are out there and they are going to greatly contribute to your success online.

3). It means whatever you’re doing is working – Having a high organic search traffic rate signals so much more than how much people use search engines. It could mean that your website is working and functioning correctly for the user or that they’re able to complete a goal they had in mind when they visited your website. Whatever the reason for your organic traffic being so high, it shows that what you’re doing online as a brand is working for your users.  In a study done by the internet bargain retailer Groupon in 2014, it showed that organic search traffic is exponentially more important than previously thought – with it being about 60% of the internet’s total traffic. That’s no small slice of the internet pie – that’s more than half of all traffic, meaning if your organic traffic rate is high – people are coming to your website and enjoying their stay.

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